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THESIS: Painted Designs on Rainforest Aboriginal Shields from North Queensland: An Analysis of Correlations between Design Styles and Geographical Distribution, by Ranna-Lesley Lachlan [formerly Hale], James Cook University, Townsville. 1989.

Rainforest Aboriginal shields were collected from throughout the North Queensland rainforest during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Many of the major museums in Australia hold a number of these fascinating artefacts in their collections.

copyright drawings - Ranna Lachlan [Hale], 1989.

The two illustrations above provide examples of two typical design symmetries found in the painted designs on rainforest Aboriginal shields. Generic examples of such symmetries are illustrated below (Lachlan, R., 1989). A contemporary rainforest Aboriginal shield created by Mr R. Butler (click here for illustration) bears a beautiful example of one of these design symmetries (Lachlan, R., 2003). In fact, six discrete design symmetries were identified by Dr Lachlan during her research (Lachlan, R., 1986-89) on the rainforest shields.


copyright- generic shield symmetry drawing - RT; Lachlan (Hale) 1989.


copyright- generic shield symmetry drawing - F; Lachlan (Hale) 1989.

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CURATORIAL: Although she is a full time contemporary artist in the U.S.A. and Australia, Dr Lachlan provides advice and liaison on Australian anthropology and material culture, the focus of her first graduate qualification, and on the arts of India and East Asia which were the focus of her PhD.

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