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Mixed media & installation work by contemporary artist Ranna®

Hot Spots



Black &




Recent work 

Ranna's most recent work moves to evanescent dialogue among ground, line, and plane:

Ranna art work © 2021.

Photo: Ranna recent Art. © all rights reserved.

Magical Work from Ranna's Studio

Hovering in the picture plane, secret breaths of color whisper phantasms of figure and ground among fields of white, which itself plays with its own reality - is it white, is it grey, blue... something else?

Video Clip.

2016 artwork by Ranna®. ©

Snoga artwork by Ranna®. © All rights reserved.


Photo -  Snoga 2015 by Ranna®.

Mysterious image created from Ranna's Snoga "Ex"-Stallation art series, © 2015.


Ranna's recent contemporary art work


Ranna has been working on her Snoga art ex-stallation projects and resulting 2D artworks since 2010 (examples above). "Ex"-stallation = Installations outdoors. (See also Bush Ex-stallation in Australia.)

She has also continued working on her Spirit Lines art series.


Ranna's own words

"I love art making"


Ranna and contemporary art - (yes, the obligatory art-speak)

Ranna® is a contemporary artist who has been dedicated to her work since the 1970s.

These days, she divides her professional and private life almost equally between the U.S.A. and Australia, producing studio-based art work and large scale ex-stallation projects (installations outdoors). Click here for a summary of Ranna's art projects at both locations.

Ranna's art work defies convenient categorization and pushes contemporary art into new territory technically, conceptually, and visually. Ignoring trendy art world fashions and expectations, her creativity has led to ethereal cutting edge contemporary art that embraces the brush, the world around her, and contemporary industrial materials, all signature to her "Shimmer Art™ " method. Ranna has lived and worked in NSW Australia, Townsville and Brisbane Australia, Virginia USA, and Tokyo Japan. She has exhibited in contemporary art galleries and museums in Australia, Japan, Europe, and the U.S.A. and "has produced a prodigious and significant body of work" *

Summary of Ranna's art and creativityover the past 30 years includes:


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"Hot Spot" by Ranna®. ©.
Hot Spots

"World View" painting by Ranna®. ©.
At Embassy

Eo-shodou fresco by Ranna®. ©

Black & white art by Ranna®. ©
Black &

Figurative Art by Ranna®. ©

Blue art by Ranna®. ©


Ranna's Art
1970s - 2000


Reviewer: Ranna's art "...explores the profound while serving as a portal to beauty."
(Kennelly, E., re Island, Continent exhibition by Ranna®, Washington DC.
The author writes for Art & Antiques, Art & Auction, ARTnews.)

* Also quoted: Thompson, F. Director's foreword in catalog to Ranna's mid-career survey exhibition Walking into Light, Perc Tucker Gallery, Australia

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